Joe Buck is obsessed with hair plugs, Jon Lester is attacked during the debates and MLB ratings are on the rise


In this fifth episode,  Jeff Owens and I talk about Joe Buck’s obsession with hair (plugs), how baseball’s TV ratings have dominated local markets and that the NFL’s viewership has declined, MLB playoff coverage – and how Cubs ace Jon Lester inadvertently got attacked on social media during the presidential debates.



The Presidential Debates trump Monday Night Football and why I now really like Stephen A. Smith


In this fourth episode, we discuss Monday Night Football, the Presidential Debates, the rumored split of Mike & Mike on ESPN’s long-running radio/TV show, the importance of reporting to landing a TV sports gig – and why I’m becoming a fan of Stephen A. Smith.

Episode 2: NCAA sanctions, Dilfer’s hypocrisy, NFL coverage & much more


In our new weekly sports media podcast, we address the NCAA pulling seven championships from the state of North Carolina during this academic year for failing to rescind House Bill 2, ESPN’s coverage of the NFL, more Colin Kaepernick backlash and much more. Check out episode 2. If you’d like to suggest a topic, send me an email at




Episode 1 of our new, weekly podcast about sports media


In this first edition of our sports media podcast, Jeff Owens (WEIU-FM’s director) and I address coverage surrounding Colin Kaepernick, cite our favorite journalists and broadcasters and discuss other sports media news from the past week. In addition, we plan to interview professional sports media journalists and experts, to offer advice to younger journalists, and evaluate sports coverage. Who knows where else this will morph? Please, check it out.



Here’s how to cover a college beat even when ADs, SIDs limit access to athletes

In the past week, I have received several queries from college sports media staffs stating that a sports information director or athletic director is limiting access to athletes – and, thus, are trying to control coverage. In one case, a college staff was told it could never speak to college athletes, only with coaches. Not only is that rule absurdly idiotic, it also begs to be challenged as a free speech issue.

Bottom line: Do not back down from these fights no matter how much you believe covering games is essential, otherwise you’ll rarely get what you want, need or even deserve to share with these athletes’ fellow college students in the future. It’s sad when it is easier to speak with college administrator than with college students who happen to play a sport on campus.

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Tips on ways to improve cross country coverage

Cross country is not nearly as popular as football, but that doesn’t mean writers should cover this sport any less rigorously or creatively.

And there’s no reason this beat can’t be the most interesting.

In order to make it so, writers will need to find storylines before these races begin, to keenly observe the races, and to better understand strategy – in other words: to approach cross country like every other beat. Continue reading →