About me

Author of The Field Guide To Covering Sports, journalism professor at Eastern Illinois University, news and bigfoot junkie, owner of dogs (or, rather, the other way around.) This blog focuses primarily on sports journalism.

I covered sports and worked as a sports copy editor for more than 20 years at several newspapers in Florida. You can read my bio (blah, blah, blah) here at LinkedIn.

Journalism ever evolves so I revised the Field Guide for a second edition that dives more deeply into digital, mobile and social media approaches and includes new and expanded chapters on advanced metrics, game coverage, features, interviewing, fantasy sports, sports media ethics and prep coverage. The Field Guide also remains a practical guide to preparing, observing, interviewing and writing about 20 different sports, from auto racing to wrestling. Check it out at CQPress and at Amazon.

I also spent a few years with people who search for bigfoot, which yielded Monster Trek: The Obsessive Search for Bigfoot. You can check it out here at U of Nebraska Press or at Amazon.

I can be reached at

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