Part of sports journalism today is aggregating, or curating, information found on social and digital media — especially for amazingly, spectacular, enjoyable events like rotund Bartolo Colon hitting his first career home run a few weeks shy of his 43rd birthday, a far more worthy accomplishment than the USA winning a gold medal in ice hockey, as some writers noted. In times like these, fans want to hear what the sports world proclaims. This USA Today writer offers numerous fun comments and coverage in this post. You don’t have to wait for such a fun, crazy moment to curate, though. (Here’s another entertaining curated list that relies on historical sports video.)  Try either approach for any live event or sports news. In addition, create lists on Twitter for interesting sports media and athletes who regularly provide great commentary (and which can save time on deadline). Create lists on Chrome or Safari for sports media websites as well, following top content providers. This is another skill that requires practice, and which can better prepare you for a sports media career.