Tweet like a journalist from live sports events

Tweeting from sports events is no longer optional (nor is inserting links into online stories, but that’s another post for another time). I suggested some approaches last night on Twitter that focused primarily on the Clippers-Mavs game. You can also check out this other post on tweeting from sports events that I assembled a few years ago.

Let me know how else you use social media during game coverage by citing them below or by tweeting them to me @joegisondi. Hope this all helps.

1 Twitter

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How sportswriters are using Twitter

Originally published January 2013

That Twitter is a terrific journalism tool is not news. But how sports journalists use this social media may be. Sports journos report news, cover events, cultivate sources, and promote material. In fact, most breaking news is first posted on Twitter. I’ve listed 15 ways sportswriters tweet about sports, a list that can be neither exhaustive or static due to social media’s evolving uses, approaches and changes in technology. So, please, feel free to add any categories you find below.