AP sports style

AP sports style quizzes should test more than usage

Let’s face it: Associated Press Style is not as important as it used to be when print dominated the media landscape.

But let’s also not be naive: understanding key terms and their proper spelling remains essential for all who seek to become a professional in any sports media field.

To get even more out of the AP Stylebook’s sports section, I offer additional insights into sports coverage along the way, such as how to cover a professional golf event or that you need to add about 17 yards from the line of scrimmage to determine the actual distance for a field goal during a football game. (Thus, a team that attempts a FG after moving the ball to the 12-yard-line would convert a 29-yarder since the goal posts sit 10 yards beyond the goal line in the back of the end zone and because the holder almost always kneels seven yards behind the center in order to allow the ball’s trajectory to fly above the flailing hands of defensive linemen.)

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